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Former Carlton Children's Traffic School. CRB brochure photo.

Children's Traffic Schools are something I've always found fascinating. Probably due to my interest in both traffic control devices and in models and miniatures. After all, the road layouts of these schools are miniature road networks, and the signs are sometimes miniatures as well.

Please note: I am aware that some directory sites link to this page. Please do not direct enquiries about traffic school bookings etc to me, as I cannot assist you. This site is presented as a hobby interest only. I have provided some links to Children's traffic school websites on my links page.

RACV (now "Camelot") Children's Traffic School, Moorabbin. I went here a couple of times as a child in the mid 70's. At that time all the road signs were miniatures of then current signs. Nowadays it uses mostly full size ones.
During my school visits to the RACV traffic school, I seemed to gravitate towards the railway crossing. Even at that young age, I was disappointed that the crossing signs were at 90 degrees (like US ones) rather than how Australian ones appear. I always thought it was strange that, in a place for teaching children proper road rules and sense, that the footpath crossing the railway ended at the road where there were double lines. Not usually the best place to cross a road. The second crossing still has the miniature red hazard triangle signs. These are now obsolete, as were the "Railway X Crossing" warning signs that were originally mounted under them. The second crossing had no other signs. Something that even bothered me as a child, as I knew  this was "wrong".
Like the RACV Moorabbin school, the one at Kew also has railway crossing signs with the RAIL WAY and CROSSING boards at 90 degrees to each other. Another similarity was that they both used ex-railways signal lamps for the crossing lights. Both the Essendon and Morwell traffic school  had them too. It seems likely they were all made by the same person/s.
Kew Children's Traffic School. This school still uses smaller road signs, although the whole place has a slight air of neglect so far as the age of some of them are concerned.
Nowhere is this more evident than in the Kew school's collection of vintage traffic lights. Some of these still have the red lenses with STOP embossed into the back of them. I'm sure the children using the school don't care about this at all. I guess I'd prefer one or two of these on my wall or in the back yard. :)
Traffic light controlled intersection at Kew Children's Traffic School. Note the use of round visors on the pedestrian signals. Some of them had the pedestrian masks (the masks give the red man / green man shape) mounted on the OUTSIDE of the lenses too.
A street at Kew Children's Traffic School.
Another street scene at Kew. And another traffic light controlled intersection (there are 2). Also the traffic light pedestrian crossing in the background.
Morwell's Valstar Children's Traffic School was looking rather dated into the 1990's. It even still had an intersection controlled by single red and amber flashing lights. Something once common around Melbourne's suburbs, but which were generally phased out in the early 1980's.
The scene here shows the old (miniature) traffic lights. Note new signs for the railway crossing in the background. Pity about their placement and height though.
The Morwell school seemed to get an injection of funds a few years ago (from some of the larger industries in the area judging from the street name signs). The roads were all remade, new full size traffic lights and railway crossing signals were provided and most road signs were updated. Interestingly, using miniatures.
The lucky children at Araluen Primary School in Sale actually have their own traffic school as an intergral part of the school grounds. I know I'd have loved this as a child.
Araluen's mini road network includes working traffic lights (above) and a selection of road signs and road markings. Some signs are full size, others are smaller and may be the ones intended for bicycle tracks.
The railway crossing at Araluen does actually have 'rails' set into concrete, but it is only 'protected' by warning signs (one was 'missing' when I visited). No actual crossing signs.
View of a side street whose sole purpose seems to be to give a reason for the existence of the roundabout in this corner of the playground. One of the roundabout signs is actually a Give Way sign. A situation that existed on a real roundabout at Warragul for many years. I never took a photo of course.
One of the Pedestrian 'crossings' at Araluen Primary School. Obviously somewhat difficult to make use of this one.
Camelot (former RACV Moorabbin) traffic school.
Traffic signals at pedestrian crossing

Photos Monday 16th May, 2011
These level crossing signals date from the opening of the traffic school.
Divided road
View toward the traffic light controlled intersection.
Level Crossing.
Traffic lights, looking from the pedestrian "crib" crossing at the railway.
A bus is now part of the traffic school. Presumably for teaching children about safety around buses.
Traffic lights
Traffic light intersection, looking towards the roundabout.
T-intersection with pedestrian crossing.
Pedestrian wig-wag lights
Traffic signals
The other pedestrian crossing lights
Pedestrian signal.
Traffic lights and pedestrian crossing
The roundabout intersection
School crossing
Double lines on a bend
Another general view toward the roundabout.

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