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Errors and oddities.
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These pages show that the people who put signs up for a living are only human. Sometimes they make mistakes. Some are perfectly understandable. But others, well, you have to wonder what they were thinking at the time. I've also included examples of some unusual signs or placement of them.

Okay, this is all fairly innocent I guess. This metro route 30 shield has been in Punt Rd, Richmond for quite a few years. Only problem is that Punt Rd is not on route 30. It is route 29. Bridge Rd, which you have just crossed when you see this sign is route 30.

The fact that Australians tend to navigate by road names rather than route numbers is probably why it has been this way for so long. It was still there when I last looked. I have to confess I didn't even know it was wrong when I took the photo. :)

This is something I've seen in a few locations. An apparent attempt to save money by using a regulatory roundabout sign to double as an advance warning sign. The roundabout is still about 100 metres away and there are no additional signs at the roundabout itself. All approaches are the same.

Maffra, Vic.


Here's something similar. Again, using regulatory signs as advance warning signs. Large Give Way signs used 100 metres in advance of the intersection. At least this time they have other signs at the intersection itself.

Golden Beach area. Vic.

I couldn't believe it when I found this one. The sign was brand new. Not reversed by vandals. It stayed this way for a couple of weeks before some VicRoads workers spotted it and fixed it.

Fernbank, Vic.

This Keep Left sign is almost lost in the wide median at Golden Beach, Vic.
I mentioned in the regulatory pages that I've probably seen more examples of the misuse of Keep Right signs than correct use of them. These two examples were noted in Bairnsdale, Vic. In both cases, chevron signs would've been more appropriate. As regulatory signs, you must keep right of these signs. The first picture would seem to prevent legal access of the dead end street to the left. The second one at the children's crossing is simply unnecessary. Or perhaps it is to prevent parking as well.
This is indeed an odd sign. Presumably it's intended to prevent longer vehicles from attempting a tight turn into the service road it applies to. Maffra, Vic.
Unusual placement of a Give Way sign in advance of two others.

Glenmaggie, Vic.
Bad use of a Keep Left sign at a location where traffic can (and should) travel to either side of the traffic island.

Hazlewood, Vic.

Okay, perhaps I'm missing something here through lack of time to stop and study the situation. But why is there a bicycle signal overhead where many cyclists won't see it (think how often you see cyclists looking up as they ride). And why is the signal red when other traffic has green. Makes no sense to me.

Clifton Hill, Vic.

Is it a cross road, or is it a T junction? The two T signs have the word HIGHWAY on them. As does the "+" sign for the opposite direction.
I've not seen any of these signs at other locations. All taken at...

Johnsonville, Vic.

3.2 km WINDING ROAD. Unusual to have the decimal for such a sign. The really odd part though is that the road ends about 2kms later.

Cobains, Vic.

This one is rather dangerous. This intersection has no signs apart from the advance warning cross road signs. Which, as you can see, are placed at the intersection. Especially dangerous at night. You'd be over the intersection before you expected to be at it.

Stratford - Briagolong, Vic.

I always thought warning signs were supposed to warn. This one warns of Gravel Road just a little too late.

Maffra, Vic.

Ummm!  What can I say?.

Stratford, Vic.

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