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Here we have a Children Crossing Ahead sign followed shortly by a Pedestrians sign, as if to remind motorists that Pedestrians as well as Children may be crossing the road ahead. This is for a school crossing, so the signs really should be fluorescent pink/ red in colour.   Sale, Vic.
Here's a similar arrangement at Eagle Point, Vic.
These two photos show interesting and obviously superfluous use of the "CROSSING AHEAD plate below the text STOCK CROSSING warning signs. The plates would be for use under pictorial stock signs. The way these read, it is as though the actual stock crossing is crossing ahead. Which, I suppose it is, if one wants to get technical.

Left: Riverslea, Vic.  Right: Woorarra, Vic.

This concealed sign warns of a concealed intersection (or driveway) ahead. Or at least it does if you happen to see it. Note the typical use of the right-hand curve sign upside down to represent a left-hand curve. I find this rather irritating, but it is very common.

Lake Tyers, Vic.

Sharp turn with a REDUCE SPEED plate rather than the usual advisory speed plate.

Bulla, Vic.

A roundabout warning sign in use at the island at the end of the road at Port Albert, Vic.
Both symbol and text signs for a traffic light controlled children's crossing.

Sale, Vic.

The narrow crossing of the Avon River at Valencia Creek, Vic has an untidy collection of signs either side. Interestingly, the narrow bridge itself has no side barriers, railings or width markers, which makes it very dangerous at night or in fog. The signs in use are...
Road Narrows pictogram; 60km/h advisory plate and Cyclists-beware of gaps in Bridge Deck; Low Level Bridge with Slippery pictoram and When Wet plate; Narrow Bridge pictogram with Single Lane plate, and finally, No Overtaking On Bridge.
Very unusual red text on white background warning sign. The text is too small for the traffic speeds here.

Warragul, Vic.

Sharp bend with a SLOW plate rather than the usual advisory speed plate.

Eagle Point, Vic.

These two signs are unusual in having a distance plate included. Also the use of 170m is more than a little odd rather than 150 or 200m.  This was for a location near Loy Yang open cut where the road had been diverted and the bend had been 'moved' forward of where regular users might expect it to be.
Also compare the size and position of the arrow for the left-hand turn with the more standard right-hand one.


These two signs are for the same intersection, but do convey very different interpretations of it.

Wilson's Promontory.

Left: Incorrect use of a regulatory symbol on a warning sign blank. This sign could be interpreted as No trucks allowed or as a warning that trucks are advised not to enter.  Sale, Vic.
Right: This sign is really a warning that trucks are advised not to enter. But possibly it should be a regulatory sign. Wurruk, Vic.
Left turn ahead - but notice the chevron board in the background pointing to the right. This has since been fixed.

Maffra, Vic.

Odd re-use of a left-hand turn sign converted into a right-hand turn sign. Notice the remnants of the original arrowhead. I spotted this because of the smaller than standard arrowhead on the sign.

Cobains, Vic.

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