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I hadn't seen one of these anywhere else. A "Two Way" sign in the form of a One Way sign - but with double ended arrow. Well, why not?

Glen Waverley, Vic.

A slightly less unusual sight is two of the same sign at the same location. In this case for visibility reasons from different directions.

Bruthen, Vic.

This very faded sign was found still in use near Hazelwood Power Station, Vic. These all red background signs were made obsolete sometime in the mid 70's. So to find one still in use today is rather rare...
...but not as rare as this un-faded gem still on a public street about 30 years after it should have been replaced.

Cockatoo, Vic.

Unusual use of a regulatory pedestrian crossing sign at a location where no such crossing actually exists. It's being used as a sign warning of pedestrians in the area.
Although black and yellow, these are actually regulatory signs and are supposed to be used only with "Zebra' style pedestrian crossings.

Bairnsdale, Vic.

This sign appears on Wilson's Promontory, Vic. Just after passing it I noticed some Emus beside the road. The location is such that I could see how some tourists would just stop on the road, creating a danger to approaching traffic (it is just around a curve).
This is one of those errors that most people probably wouldn't notice. In Sydney, the main routes to and around the city are called Metroads and they have their own distinctive hexagon shaped route markers. This photo shows a correctly coloured Metroad route marker (or sheild) but it is in the shape of a National route sheild. Which are normally black numerals on a white background. Not blue as shown here.

Sydney, NSW.  Photo contributed by Winston Yang.

NO STANDING ANY TIME TODAY. I thought "ANY TIME" meant exactly that and there was no need to add anything else. The addition of "TODAY" presumably means it is okay to come back tomorrow.

Tyabb, Vic.

Duplication of direction signs.

Numerella, Vic.

Strange placement of a DO NOT ENTER sign. I wasn't sure if I was permitted along this road until I realised it referred to not entering the right-hand carriageway.

Geelong, Vic.

Now here's a really odd sign. And I confess I didn't notice this when I took the photo. The Grand Ridge Road sign has distances 3 and 10 on it. But 3 and 10kms to what?
The top section of this sign should be brown as it is tourist information. Also there is too much information to read on a sign of this size at normal traffic speeds here. I drove past it for years before stopping to take this photo and finally find out what it said.

Sale, Vic.

Oh darn! I drove the Landcruiser 4WD today. Have to go home and get the Ford.
Well, okay. So that's not what it means. But interesting nevertheless.
Briagolong, Vic.
Yes, there is a Ford ahead. But it ain't a 4WD.
A warning sign for the same Freestone Creek crossing as the previous photo.

Briagolong, Vic.

Maffra to the left? Actually, although there is a slight curve through the intersection, the road to Maffra is actually straight ahead. I am informed that the sign was moved from another location after it was realised the road to Valencia Creek that it originally referred to, was unsuitable for most vehicles (see the Freestone Creek signs above).

Bushy Park, Vic.

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