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Here's a pair of "end divided road" signs. But there is no divided road in sight. The road narrows, and 'road narrows' signs should've been used. This is just after a painted traffic island for a right turn lane.

Flynns Creek Upper, Vic.

Oddity. Which way to Princes Hwy?  Both are correct however, being on a bypass of Sale.

Fulham, Vic.

Now, here's one of those wonderful examples of signs being erected without much thought given to the reason for it being used. This ON SIDE ROAD plate effectively warns of a side road on a side road. There had been a CONCEALED 200m plate here that got damaged. But rather than replace it with another CONCEALED plate, we have this curious combination.

Airly, Vic.

Another example of a roundabout regulatory sign being used well in advance of a roundabout. Again, there are no signs at the roundabout itself - excepting Keep Left signs.

Yarragon, Vic.

As shown above and on page 1, regulatory signs are sometimes used as warning signs. At Loch Sport they have a roundabout that uses warning sign in advance and AT a roundabout.

Although not the only example I have seen of this, here is an example of a Give Way sign being used at a roundabout rather than the correct roundabout sign.

Sale, Vic.

The "96" tourist shield on this sign is upside down. The sign has probably been re-used.

Longford, Vic.

This sign uses 'O's in place of '0's.

Bells Line of Road, NSW.

Photo: Winston Yang.

Odd version of the usual signs prohibiting animals and certain types of vehicle on freeways. This one is specific to the Princes Freeway. Most such signs say "...on this freeway without authority.

Yallourn area, Vic.

The fluorescent CROSSING AHEAD sign shown here should be mounted under the matching children crossing sign in the background. Not the crossroad sign as shown here.

Trafalgar, Vic.

Land Movement. Sign advising caution due to rough surface created by land movement.   Trafalgar, Vic.
One way traffic on Hwy.  Warning sign before a divided highway.

Trafalgar, Vic.

Photo: David Morley.

Winding road next 6km. Caution Keep Left. Presumably this narrow road has had a few collisions due to drivers cutting corners, assuming nobody will come the other way.

Trafalgar, Vic.

Photo: David Morley.

Here we have a KEEP LEFT sign (which, by law you must keep left of) in a location that it simply should not be. On the left of the road.

Merimbula, NSW.

And here's another. A KEEP LEFT sign also where it should not be, repeating the same mistake as on page 1. Technically, it is illegal not to turn left here, although the design of the intersection clearly intends otherwise.

Cann River, Vic.
And here we have a KEEP LEFT sign that is not a regulatory sign at all. Although one would be foolish to disobey it.

Merimbula, NSW.

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