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This sign pointing to Labertouche looks normal at first. But closer inspection will reveal that the top of the sign has been cut off. Originally the top would've said Melbourne with a route 1 shield and an arrow pointing upwards. This sign is on the former Princes Hwy at Longwarry North. This section has been bypassed.
This former cross road sign has been (badly) altered when the intersection was rebuilt by staggering one leg of the cross road.

Nambrok, Vic.

This sign is on the opposite side of the road to the one shown above. It is a much better attempt at converting a '+' cross road sign to a staggered intersection type.
Since replaced.

Nambrok, Vic.

With VicRoads' strange decision to replace the black horizontal ONE WAY signs with the white vertical ones, we have this situation in Bairnsdale where a large horizontal  sign on two posts has been replaced by this pathetic example of a vertical sign. Pathetic due to the unevenly spaced text and arrow. I've seen many of these.
An old MPH speed limit sign at the entrance to a sports reserve. It had been repainted as a 10km/h sign. Now it is of little use to anyone.

Warragul, Vic.

Here we have a right-hand bend with a 20km/h advisory plate. Beyond this is a 60km/h speed limit sign and beyond that is a right-hand curve sign.
Two different signs for the same curve is the main reason for including this photo though. But read on...
This left-hand curve sign has a 25km/h advisory speed plate. Yet it is the same curve or bend that the signs in the previous photo refer to. Somehow it is deemed safer to travel at higher speed in the opposite direction, despite the fact that the curve will be sharper in this direction.

Both photos taken at Drouin, Vic.

Another oddity is this curve sign and advisory plate which have been riveted over an older and larger sign. This is in the former Yallourn Works area and the original sign had been welded onto a steel frame, making replacement somewhat difficult.
Also of note is the differing fonts of the '8' and '0' on the advisory speed plate.
This whole assembly has since been replaced by a standard sign on a standard post.

Yallourn, Vic.

This junction has originally been a Y junction as indicated by the second warning sign, but was rebuilt as a T junction. Interestingly, signs for both still exist. Note also the 100 km/h speed limit sign just before the end of the road and the use of chevron signs to mark the location of a driveway. It could be argued that none of the signs here are correct for the location.

Glengarry, Vic.

Due to the construction and opening of City Link in Melbourne, Graham St in Port Melbourne was truncated just before the point that it had formerly crossed the Westgate Freeway. This resulted in this large closure notice and the painting out of destinations on the large green overhead sign.
A view of the blank green sign. The once busy Graham St is now close to deserted on weekends and still quiet on weekdays.

Port Melbourne.

There are a few of these wonky looking two way arrow signs near Rosedale, Vic.
Look closely and you'll notice the arrows are not quite parallel. Another nearby has this plus one arrow higher than the other. My photo of it is not suitable for showing on the site however. Perhaps next time I pass it.
There aren't too many places that you'll find a 3-digit advisory speed plate. But this 100km/h plate can be found along the Calder Fwy near Gisborne, Vic.
Traffic lights in all directions. This pole has 5 traffic signal heads (one of which has 6 lights) plus a sign and a pedestrian signal.

Bendigo, Vic.

An example of a poorly made sign. Note that the pictogram is not level. Of course this sign is intended for a passive level crossing. And the one it applies to has flashing lights and bell.

Stratford, Vic.

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