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More unusual, incorrectly positioned or  badly designed signs.

Differing distances. These 3 signs are at the same intersection. Note that the distances shown are all different.

Licola, Vic.

Tourist route shield. This shield is facing the wrong way along a one-way route. I park beside it regularly. But had done so for years before I even noticed there was a sign there at all.

Sale, Vic.

Ummm, so what route is this? Slight overkill with the C 482 signage.

Flynn's Creek Upper, Vic.

SS apostrophe S. I was lead to believe that just the apostrophe alone was sufficient  after a name ending in S. So 3 S's is unusual.

Montgomery, Vic.

Wrong Way. Traffic island with arrows pointing either side. Only problem is that any traffic either side of it should be heading the opposite direction. Drouin, Vic.
Keep Left...of?  This odd sign makes you wonder about the event that (probably) led to its erection. Possibly an accident involving somebody driving on the wrong side of the traffic island in the distance. In any case, it is not a good sign as it can be confused with a Keep Left sign. And you really can't keep left of it.
It has been removed since the photo was taken. So I wasn't the only one to see problems with it.

Longford, Vic.

Quick Sand. This sign fails hilariously to capture the look of distress that somebody in quick sand would feel.
Unfortunately I've lost the details for this long ago contributed photo. But I think it was in WA and sent to me by a Mickie Quick.
Inconsistent arrows. This is only a minor annoyance. The upper sign has arrows pointing in the directions you would expect for the type of intersection encountered. But the tourist signs below seem to indicate a T junction. Dargo Hotel is straight ahead. The road just happens to curve at the intersection.  Dargo, Vic.
This is a beauty. An information sign warning of an advisory road sign ahead.
As superfluous as this seems at first, it is referring to a sign advising the condition of a mountain road which can be closed by snow. Fairly important to know before driving too far. So there is nothing wrong with this sign. But it is very unusual.

Dargo area, Vic.

Lane ends. What lane? On the left there is a LEFT LANE ENDS - MERGE RIGHT sign and beyond that, a FORM 2 LANES sign. This seems pointless on a freeway on ramp. There is barely a lane to end anyway. And who doesn't expect an on ramp lane to end? Morwell, Vic.
CLEARANCE - LOW CLEARANCE. The footbridge has a CLEARANCE sign. Fair enough. But just past it is a LOW CLEARANCE sign on a railway bridge.

Flemington, Vic.

How far to Longford? Two different distances are shown to Longford. The arrows on the tourist route sign seem to be wrong, although it's possible the sign has been turned.

Golden Beach area. Vic.

Old and New Routes. Here's another example of somebody not really with their mind on the job. The old State Route 188 shield has been left on the post when the new C route numbers were erected. It seems probable that the 188 sign was moved or put back on the post considering its low position. Also worthy of note is the use of two posts where one would've been neater. Double-sided brackets being available. This section of road was closed the following day due to a deviation opening.

Traralgon, Vic.

Cautions. Various signs warning about the road conditions beside a 100km/h speed limit sign. No errors here. Just seems wrong to have a 100km/h limit on such a road. In the unlikely event anyone reached this speed, they'd obviously be driving dangerously. So why not a lower limit?

Walhalla, Vic.

ROAD CLOSED. Not what you would wish to see on such a narrow road. The use of the chevron board below is interesting. Obviously you couldn't turn left or right here.

Richmond, Vic.

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