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Railway Crossing Approach Warning signs.

A rare example of a pre-1950's old circular warning sign. Unfortunately this one had to be photographed through dirty glass from a steam train in 1993. I doubt it is still there today.
The only other one of these I have seen (apart from photos) was one at Gerang Gerung in western Victoria in the late 1970's. It is certainly not there today.

Photo taken somewhere along the Derwent Valley Railway in Tasmania.

Now obsolete, but still existing in great numbers. This is an example of one of the earlier types of diamond shaped warning signs. This very faded example was near Stratford until late 2003.
Also in Stratford (well,I do live there) was this example of the later version of the same sign (still with vintage hazard triangle). The difference is the use of the word RAIL rather than RAILWAY on the older signs.
Rail Crossing On Side Road. Warning of a railway crossing the side road close to the intersection. This one has a rare coating of snow. Trafalgar, Vic.

Standard sign warning of a railway crossing protected by Flashing Light signals.

Stratford, Vic.

Same as above, but without the red colouring of the lights.

Stratford, Vic.

One of the new standard signs for warning of a passive rail crossing (no lights, bells or gates). There are a number of versions of these signs in existence.

Bairnsdale, Vic.
Another of the new standard signs indicating a railway crossing. Personally I don't like these ones. They don't look like a railway. More of a fence. Unfortunately many people don't consider the presence of a railway line in itself to be a hazard. It needs a train on it to make people consider stopping. There are many variations of this sign which I shall include later.

Fulham, Vic.
A relatively unusual text only version of the advance warning sign for a railway crossing.

Maryvale, Vic.

Railway Reopened signs have appeared at some locations where railways have been dormant for a long period and are back in use again. Intended to remind complacent locals that they need to get back into the habit of looking for trains again.

Montgomery, Vic.

A pair of signs showing that signs can vary more than most people are aware of. The one on the left is a 4-6-0 locomotive, and the one on the right has the 4-4-0 wheel arrangement. Also notice square and rounded cab windows.
Both signs were at Munro until late 2003 when the crossing had flashing lights installed.
Yet another variation on the locomotive pictogram.

Stratford, Vic.

Here's something you don't see often. A sign advising of the opening of a new railway crossing. This was during highway duplication works at Trafalgar which involved closure of one crossing in the town due to road realignment moving the road too close to the railway to safely allow traffic to use it.
Here's a nice new loco pictogram sign located on a private road to a farm paddock. The railway crossing it applies to had full railway crossing signage installed despite being used almost exclusively by a farmer to access his property. There are 2 examples of this in the Munro area. Presumably both are old road reserves.

Munro, Vic.

A railway crossing warning sign with a difference. The railway is now a Rail Trail used by walkers and riders. These signs appear along the road crossings of the East Gippsland Rail Trail - which is the former Orbost railway.

Bruthen, Vic.

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