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A level crossing miscellany.

Cleaning level crossing signals on the Sale - Bairnsdale railway after the line had been out of use for several years.

Sale, Vic.

Unusual crossing signal for an access road to the railway yards at Geelong.
Interlocking boom gates.

These unusual gates were operated by a wheel in the signalbox like the more usual interlocking swing gates.

Removed when a third track was added.   McKinnon, Vic.

David Delaney collection.

This was one of those magical finds for those of us interested in old signs. Following a disused railway near Lithgow, NSW. We came across this veteran crossing sign amid the undergrowth. It appears to have had cast iron lettering originally.
A subsequent trip has shown that the sign has been removed.  One wonders if it was preserved or destroyed?

A recent (2004) installation with LEDs. Note the lack of a STOP ON RED SIGNAL sign.

Bunyip, Vic.

An early use of Give Way signs at a railway crossing. Give Way sign with red border rather than the current red and white border.

Queenscliff, Vic.

An unusual combination of an obsolete GIVE WAY TO TRAINS sign with a flashing light signal.

Bittern, Vic.

Flashing light signal with 2 extra sets of lights. Although they both face the same road.

Edithvale, Vic.

One of a pair of unusual level crossing signals that protected the former Raleigh St crossing on the Australian Glass Manufacturer's siding at Spotswood, Vic.

One of the flashing light signals on the Puffing Billy Railway. These have larger than usual RAILWAY CROSSING signs to help them stand out.

Emerald, Vic.

At Kyneton, Vic. there is a crossing that still used (until quite recently) interlocking gates controlled from the signalbox. These were the last of their kind in Victoria still operating this way.
Odd sign in the rail yards of the Emu Bay Railway.

Burnie, Tas.

Another unusual way of signing a railway crossing at Emu Bay Railway. Note revolving light below the sign.

Burnie, Tas.

Possibly the only crossing with boom gates in Tasmania. This set is on a dead-end road to an unmanned power station.

Farrel / Bastyan Dam, Tas.

Y135 heads a tourist train to Korumburra shortly after the Leongatha - Korumburra section of the Great Southern Railway had been re-opened.

Near Ruby, Vic.

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