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Here's a relatively rare vertically mounted signal. The second photo shows the reason for it. A sign mounted nearby blocks the view of the normal horizontal signal. Note the blue circular sign requiring scooter riders to do a left turn from the right. This is to prevent them queuing in the centre of the road and, due to their numbers, blocking other traffic. The effect is similar to the 'hook turns' in Melbourne, Victoria.
A signalised intersection near a market. Some people here do their market shopping without getting off their scooters.
Almost everywhere I went I noticed that traffic signals on main roads were synchronised - all changing at the same time. 
These photos show a traffic school located in the grounds of a high school. It is in such places local people learn to drive. Unfortunately some of the conditions in them do not in any way represent actual road conditions. In the first photo, note the S-bend marked out to the left of the signs. A student driver is required to reverse a car through these in one movement. Sensors in the pavement activate a siren and flashing light if any wheels go outside the lines. Obviously rather difficult to do. And not something I can think of any need to do out in the streets.
The traffic signal and signs in the photos are on a section of the course that is closer to representing road conditions.
Here are a couple of photos of a simulated level crossing at the same traffic school. Sensors in the road activate the crossing signal about 15m before a car gets to the 'crossing'.
Children crossing ahead.
Another traffic signal.
A typical freeway sign with exit number (45).
Although English text did refer to the road as a Freeway, the reality was different.
An advance exit sign.
Speed limits. 100km/h (min 60). Vehicles over 20t, speed limit 90, min 60km/h.
Freeway gantry. The signs on the right were for a yet to be completed freeway.
Approach to a toll plaza. 40km/h limit (largely ignored) and bumpy surface.
Freeway sign. Note the signal lights at intervals beside the road. I'm not sure of their purpose.
40km/h speed limit sign located at the tollgate.

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