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Williamstown Rd, Port Melbourne.

Pedestrian "wig-wag" lights
Alternating flashing amber lights, as used at most "Zebra Crossings" in Victoria.

Click photos for a larger image.

Pedestrian Crossing lights. In Victoria, these kind of signals were once very common at 'Zebra' crossings. Pedestrian activated traffic lights have replaced them at many busy locations although they are still installed at other places.
The earlier examples shown here were painted yellow and had lights to show the 'walking legs' signs at night.
The first photo shows a typical signal using Eagle 'lanterns' and flasher (the box near the top). The sign is a modern one.
The second photo shows the old components re-mounted on a modern streetlight pole. Notice the lantern assemblies have been remounted the wrong way as evidenced by the sideways visors.
Richmond, Vic.
The two images to the left illustrate the original and intermediate versions of the Walking Legs regulatory sign.
Yes, they are regulatory sign despite the yellow colour. These and the Safety Zone signs are the last examples of this once common standard for Australian road signs.

Vintage Pedestrian Crossing Sign. Here's an example of one of the original styles of Pedestrian Crossing signs still in use in 2007. Unfortunately the lights are not working and have tape over them. The second photo shows the lights above the signs. These signs are not reflective. The lanterns in this photo are modern ones, however, some original ones were still in place.

Port Melbourne.

Pedestrian Crossing at Dennis railway station. This interesting crossing has Eagle lanterns (top) and the rarer Parco variety.

Westgarth / Northcote.

The modern fluorescent 'walking legs' sign contrasts with the vintage Parco lanterns.
The interesting former shop makes a nice background to these old crossing lights.
Other side of the Parco lanterns
Side view of the same set of lights on the southern side of South Crescent, Northcote.
North side of South Crescent.
Eagle lanterns up top, Parco below.
The Eagle lanterns.
Thanks to the varandah of the old shop, these ATS lights have been mounted in advance of the crossing to alert drivers to the crossing due to the lights not being in the usual position.
Overall view of the crossing.
Another view of the crossing.
Note the 'floodlamp' added to the walking legs sign. Not necessary on reflective signs. :)
Eagle lanterns and early 'walking legs' sign. Willsmere Rd, Kew.
J.G. Parr & Co Pty Ltd controller box.
Parco pedestrian lights, Kirby Rd, Kew.
Parco with Eagle lenses.
Parco logo
A not terribly elegant replacement head.
Side views of the crossing.
The poles for these wig-wags are quite short compared to others I have seen. Reminds me of a children's traffic school.
Pedestrian Crossing. A more modern version of the alternating flashing light pedestrian signal. Still with the yellow pole, but with later style lanterns and target board. The positioning of the walking legs sign above the lanterns is unusual.

Melbourne Airport, Vic.

Current style pedestrian crossing lights. Unpainted pole, modern lights with target board and walking legs sign

Sale, Vic.

Something different. Unusual placement of the lantern assembly for improved visibility along a tree-lined street.

Orbost, Vic.


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