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Stratford, Victoria

Photos of traffic signals typically used in the 1980s  - 2000s.

Polycarbonate traffic signal. This is representative of the style of Australian traffic signal used from the 1970s onward. The site will show some of the variations within each state and between states later.

The sign indicates the pedestrian crossing signals flash amber for a few seconds before turning green. Traffic may proceed if the crossing is already clear.

Stratford, Vic.

Standard traffic signal with amber and green right turn arrows. This traffic signal looks out of place in a rural setting. And today, it probably is. It is near Loy Yang power station in Victoria's Latrobe Valley. No doubt in days gone by, shift change at the power station generated large volumes of traffic. The size of the car parks around it certainly suggest this. But things change and it was somewhat quieter when the photo was taken. Recently however, this road became the newly deviated Hyland Hwy when the old alignment was closed on account of expanding brown coal mining encroaching on the old road.
Seven lamp signal. Standard RYG circles with amber and green left and right turn arrows either side.

Burwood, Vic.

Short mast through a shop verandah at a pedestrian crossing. Note the "When flashing give way to pedestrians" sign. The lights flash amber for a few seconds after the Don't Walk signal comes on.

Balwyn, Vic.
Overhead signal on short mast. Example of a short cantilever mast used to clear tram wires. The attachment on the right of the overhead signal is a No Right Turn sign lit at certain times of the day.

Camberwell, Vic.
Side road activated. It would appear that (at this location at least) the often frowned upon act of sprinting out of the car and pushing the pedestrian button to stop traffic and be able to enter a busy road has been somewhat legitimised here by adding detector loops in a side road.

Officer, Vic.

Advance signals warning. Warning signals such as this are used in some locations with poor visibility or, as here, where large volumes of high speed traffic is approaching traffic signals.

Morwell, Vic.

Older cantilever mast. This older mast contrasts with the modern style version on the other side of the intersection.


Caption info to be added soon
Photo: Robert Parnell
Photo: Robert Parnell
Box Hill.
Merimbula NSW
Merimbula, NSW
North Rd / Wellington Rd at Dandenong Rd (Princes Hwy), Clayton.
200mm and 300mm signals mounted side by side.

Mount Dandenong Tourist Road, Montrose

Twelve lamp signals. All stop. The addition of tram signals in Melbourne make for many interesting combinations of complex looking traffic lights.
World record? The rather incredible 14 aspect signal in Melbourne's CBD.
The 4 columns are - Left to right. Left turns, straight ahead (restricted entry to Swanson Street Walk), Tram signal and right turns.
The two lanterns on the top are a green bicycle signal on the left, and a white (tram) right turn arrow.
Single red arrow at a railway crossing. At many locations where railway crossings are located beside an intersection, the traffic lights are linked to the railway signals to prevent traffic entering the road with the railway crossing.

More examples on the operation of such crossings shall appear in the railway crossings section of this site when it is added.

Yarragon, Vic.


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