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Advance notice of exit. Gives motorists sufficient warning to be in the correct lane for exiting the freeway ahead. Also a blue sign advising of services available at the destination town/s.

Darnum, Vic.
Merging traffic and cyclists cross here signs.
The current version of the merging traffic sign is gradually replacing the former text varieties.
The cyclist sign encourages cyclists to cross the freeway ramps at right angles to minimise disruption to fast-moving traffic as well as the cyclists own safety.

Nilma, Vic.

Advance exit sign on overbridge.

Narre Warren, Vic.

Modern cantilever and gantry mounted signs.
Examples of the styles of mounting poles and gantries used in recent freeway constructions in Victoria.

Narre Warren / Hallam, Vic.

Exit sign.

Hallam, Vic.

Dandenong - Next 3 Exits.

Hallam, Vic.

Another cantilever sign.

Endeavour Hills, Vic.

Merge Right. Sign used when a lane ends.

Dandenong North, Vic.

Emergency Stopping Lane Only. Points out that the lane is not intended to be used by normal traffic. It is for emergencies only (breakdowns) including access by emergency vehicles.

Exit sign on overbridge. Toorak Rd (metropolitan route 24) Exit 1 km.

Glen Iris, Vic.

End Freeway - Start Tollway. Sign advising that freeway conditions end and that the road beyond this point is a tollway (Melbourne's Citylink). e-tag (an electronic toll device fitted inside the windscreen) or a daypass are required. There are no cash toll booths on this tollway.

Malvern, Vic.

Yarra Boulevard Exit 1km.

Toorak, Vic.

Electronic message sign. These variable signs can be programmed to advise of traffic conditions or upcoming roadworks and road closures.

Richmond, Vic.

Gantry with green "free" and blue tollway signs.

Cremorne, Vic.

Lane allocation arrows on Citylink sign. The green arrows indicate which lanes are open in the Domain Tunnel. Red 'X's are used if a lane is closed.

Melbourne, Vic.

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