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Information signs include (for the purposes of this site) directional information (guide signs), km posts, reassurance signs, services and tourist information signs, among others.
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VicRoads advance direction sign. List type (or Stack sign in roadgeek speak)

This example is for a roundabout, as indicated by the shapes of the arrows.

Stratford, Vic.

Advance Diagrammatic Roundabout direction sign. Similar function, but shows the directions available in diagram form.

Fisherman's Bend, Vic.

Advance list direction sign.

Wide format variety.

Stratford, Vic.

Direction sign. Placed at a freeway entrance. Note the very weathered chevron sign below. Since replaced.

Drouin, Vic.

Advance direction diagrammatic sign.

Maffra, Vic.

Older list sign. An example of an earlier black sign with peeling letters and national route 1 sheild.

Old Princes Hwy, Longwarry Nth.

National Route 1 shield. Although now obsolete in Victoria, quite a number of older shields still exist along what is now the A1. This one is on a side road however.

Montgomery, Vic.

Direction signs.  At the top is a black Lardners Track sign that has survived being greened. Below is a more recent green Lardner Park sign. For reasons unknown probably even to those who erected it, there is a smaller sign also reading Lardner Park under it.

Warragul West.

Older black and white list sign.

Former Princes Hwy, Drouin.
Older black and white direction sign.

Moe, Vic.

Older black and white direction sign.

Newborough, Vic.

Older direction signs. Replaced 2004.

Sale, Vic.

Earlier style direction signs. Spotted along the former highway at Warragul, Vic. The red arrow was for a "Red arrow tour" of Warragul.
VicRoads advance stack (list) direction sign. This one is unusual in showing the railway crossing just before the intersection.

Trafalgar, Vic.

Another advance list sign. This one has a brown tourist information panel for Tarra Bulga National Park. The use of C484 without a destination is noteworthy.

Yarram, Vic.

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