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Distance signs etc. (Plus some Form one Lane signs)
Click on the photos for larger images.

FORM ONE LANE. Indicates that multiple lanes end. Earlier text only sign.

Warragul, Vic.

FORM 1 LANE. The better known version of this sign which the current standard.
This one at Stratford has since been swapped with the Divided Road Ends signs which are now on this post. The Form 1 Lane sign now residing on the Divided Road Ends post.
Kilometre plate marker. These trapezoid shaped signs are now seen across Australia. Usually green now, the early ones were black and appeared from 1974 after the roads went metric.
Their use on gravel roads is rare. However, this one was found 50km from Morwell along the former Midland Highway between Morwell and Welshpool.
MW was probably used so as not to cause confusion with Moe, or possibly even Melbourne, as most km signs in Victoria during the 70's showed only distance from Melbourne.
Kilometre plate. Another example of an earlier black km sign. This one is 220 kms from Melbourne on the South Gippsland Hwy.
Unlike now where signs countdown the distance to the next major destination, the original ones only counted distance from one direction. So, normally to and from Melbourne, regardless which way you were traveling. This first photo shows the side facing traffic heading away from Melbourne. Note the km post beside it. The second photo (badly weathered) for traffic to Melbourne.

Yarram, Vic.

Another km plate. Interesting to note that these older km signs tended to be on tall poles. This one was in Drouin, Vic. until 2003.
Green km plate. I was a little surprised to find green km plates on the former Midland Hwy nearer to Welshpool. I am not sure when the green ones were introduced. early 80's I think. But apparently it happened before the Midland Hwy was replaced with the Hyland and Strzelecki Hwys. Again, both sides showed the distance to / from Morwell.
S 15 km plate. Another example of a green km plate on a shorter post.
Kilometre plates were almost always mounted at only 5km intervals.

Stratford, 15km from Sale.

Newer style of green km plate in Victoria. This one had been newly installed when I took the photo. Note the marking on the edge of the road. Interesting to see how short the post is too. They seem to be shrinking over the years. 65km to Melbourne, Nar-Nar-Goon, Vic.
Administrative km post. Since kilometre plates are seen along major routes only every 5kms, these km posts, these posts appear to give the intermediate distances for, as the name suggests, administrative purposes. Not that the public and emergency services haven't found them useful too.

Longford, Vic.

Queenscliff 1km plate. Just to prove that there is always an exception to any rule, here is a km plate not complying to the 'every 5km rule'. Note the G30 km post beside it.

For a comprehensive listing of km posts, check out one of Australia's premier km post sites here.

Reassurance sign. These signs list the distances to selected major destinations along a route. As well as the obvious, they also reassure drivers that they are on the right road (or not).
destinations reached, but not actually on the route are shown in parenthesis. Wilson's Promontory in this case.
The example shown here is an earlier black sign which has somehow managed to survive at Sale, Vic.
Green Reassurance sign. Only a kilometre further down the road is a more recent VicRoads example. The name of the highway has been replaced by the route number, B440. This too is out of date as the road is now classified as A440.

Sale, Vic.

Single destination Reassurance Sign. Earlier black example. Maffra, Vic.
Reassurance sign. Sign on the A1, Princes Hwy. Stratford, Vic.
Morwell 85. On the former Midland Hwy once again. Early example of a green reassurance sign. Note the mould growing on it.

Welshpool, Vic.

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