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Commonwealth Bicentennial Road Project. Remember these? In the lead-up to the 1988 Commonwealth Bicentenary, these signs and their larger cousins seemed to appear all over the country. Amazingly, this one was still standing over 15 years later at Iguana Creek, Vic. The project in question appears to have been a new bridge.
Directional signs. These two face a dead-end road which makes them somewhat superfluous.

Stratford, Vic.
Current style route marker as used in Victoria.
Road Closed to Passenger Vehicles exceeding 22FT. Length 7FT. 6INS. Width. A somewhat out of date sign still standing (just) at Dargo, Vic.
Mile Post. Preserved example of a mile post. 142 Miles to / from Melbourne. This one sits out the front of a local historical society museum.

Stratford, Vic.

Mile Post. And interestingly, here is the M 143 mile post still standing beside the Princes Hwy.

Stratford, Vic.

No Through Road.

Stratford, Vic.

Overdimensional route. Used to indicate the route to be followed by oversize vehicles at locations where low bridges or other obstacles would stop them.

Stratford, Vic.

Overtaking Lane 2km Ahead.  If the overtaking lane is 1km long, then this sign usually means slow vehicles 3km ahead.  :)

Stratford, Vic.

Left Turn any time with care. This sign is often used at locations where a slip lane is used at traffic light controlled intersections to allow left turn traffic to bypass the lights and turn whenever safe.
This one however, was found near Loy Yang power station, Victoria.
Reduce Speed. Placed at locations where traffic needs to slow down, often when it is not obvious of the need to do so.

Longford, Vic.

Service Road Entry. Used on busy roads to indicate an entry to a parallel service road.

Traralgon, Vic.

Obsolete national route sheild.

Sale, Vic.

Older style direction sign.

Paynesville, Vic.

Unusual sign warning of cross roads ahead. The road here is straight and flat - as are the cross roads. Presumably the sign was erected after a number of accidents.

Nambrok, Vic.


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