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Cast street name signs. Maffra, Vic.
Rustic sign pointing to the fabled Never Never? Gerang Gerung, Vic.
Standard street name sign. Well, doesn't everyone take a photo of signs with their name on them? :)   Coongulla, Vic.
Wooden road name post. Such signs are often used in parks, reserves etc.

Coongulla, Vic.

Assorted signs.

Stratford, Vic.

Another assortment.

Goon Nure, Vic.

Street name sign with property numbers. The numbers showed which house or property numbers could be found within the next block.

Sale, Vic.

Street name with local shire name. The Shire of Stratford name has been blanked out after it was amalgamated into Wellington Shire.

Stratford, Vic.

Street name sign with local council name. This is a more recent example of the species. No, not another sign in Stratford. Stratford Ave is behind the VicRoads head office in Kew, Vic.
Handpainted name signs. Port Melbourne, Vic.
Numbered Streets. Numbered streets can appear on signs as numerals, or having the number spelt out as a word. Examples of both methods are seen here. They also have Street as a word on some and as the 'St.' abbreviation on others. The curious part though is that they were all photographed at the same location.

Golden / Paradise Beach, Vic.

Wooden fingerboards. Wooden signs such as these were once common. This one is a leftover from earlier times when the Midland Hwy ran via Churchill after the original route was closed due to open cut mining. This section was classified as a freeway. One of several single carriageways in Victoria to be so treated. Although you won't find signs saying they are freeways.
A rather untidy collection. This haphazard selection of signs appear at English's Corner at the junction of Grand Ridge Road and the former Midland Hwy.
Somewhat neater selection. The VicRoads Traffic Engineering manual recommends using signs of similar dimensions and styles where possible. So there is room for improvement here. But fairly easy to read nonetheless.

Bruthen, Vic.

Older direction sign. This old black and white advance direction sign sits a considerable distance from the roadside.

Hazlewood Power Station, Vic.

An interesting early diagrammatic direction sign. Swan Reach.

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