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  Warning signs are designed to give the driver advice on road hazards and other conditions that may require attention. They are almost always a yellow diamond and sometimes have a supplementary plate for extra information, such as the advisory maximum speed on a curve.
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Turn. Gives warning of an abrupt turn or bend in the road usually requiring a significant reduction in speed to safely negotiate.
Curve and bend signs often have a supplementary sign below them with an advisory speed shown. 15km/h in this case.

Stratford, Vic.


Curve. Warns of a curve in the road. A reduction in speed is usually required to safely negotiate it.

Cobains, Vic.


Reverse curve.  Curve in one direction, followed closely by a similar curve in the opposite direction.

Newry, Vic.

Reverse turn. Sharp turn in one direction followed by another in the opposite direction.

Longford, Vic.

Winding Road. These were formerly seen in left and right hand versions. The right hand version is shown here. Current standards now only show the left hand variety, so these might become endangered eventually. The "wiggly arrow" doesn't specifically mean that curves will be in the formation shown.

Arthur's Seat, Vic.

Hairpin bend. Warns of a curve or turn of approximately 180 degrees. Generally confined to mountainous regions.

Alpine National Park, north of Licola, Vic.

Cross road. Warns of a road crossing ahead.

Stratford, Vic.

T-junction. Road terminates at another road ahead.

Sale, Vic.


Side road T-junction.

Traralgon, Vic.

'Y' junction. This sign is not often seen anymore as such intersections get modified to appear suitable for the next sign.

Tamworth, NSW.
Photo: Paul Rands.

Side road junction on curve. These kind of signs often replace the old "Y" signs as it better indicates which road must Give Way.
Unfortunately, more often than not, these signs are mounted upside down.

Stratford, Vic.

Altered T or y junction. As odd as it looks, this is actually a standard sign. Usually used where a T or y junction has been altered to slow approaching traffic down.
I have included a page on customised intersection signs as these are now a threatened species. By customised, I mean unusual signs often made for a specific intersection. VicRoads Traffic Engineering Manual on traffic signs states that these custom signs are no longer to be used.

Rosedale, Vic.

Kangaroos. Probably the most recognisably Australian road sign. There are a number of varieties of this sign which I'll illustrate later. This is the plain version of the sign.

Longford, Vic.

Kangaroos - NEXT 4km. The same sign with the supplementary XXkm plate. This is the current standard for these signs.
Kangaroos NEXT 6km. Example of an earlier standard sign with the Kangaroo symbol and Next 6km wording on the same sign face.


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