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School Bus Stop Ahead.  

Lakes Entrance, Vic.

Kindergarten. Yellow Children sign with unusual Kindergarten plate - these usually read Pre-School.

Drive Carefully. Faded fluro pink Children sign, this time with an even more unusual Drive Carefully plate. A yellow one at that.

Both photos taken at Maffra, Vic.

Children Crossing. Another Children sign, this one with a Children Crossing plate. Not so unusual, but seemingly unnecessary.

Bruthen, Vic.

Children - Bus Stop. Yet another Children sign, this time with both a Children and a Bus Stop plate.  The number of variations is huge. And I've only photographed some of those I've seen. And haven't yet put all of them on the site.

Great Alpine Road. Bairnsdale - Bruthen.

SUBWAY AHEAD. No, this isn't advice on a fast food outlet ahead, but of a pedestrian subway. At first it's rather difficult to understand why motorists would need warning of such a thing. The subway referred to passes under the Port Melbourne light railway in the background. Presumably it means watch out for pedestrians. Possibly it was intended to alert motorist that they could park there and walk to the other side as well.
This is an increasingly rare example of an early yellow diamond warning sign. It's non-reflective and rather thick compared to present aluminium signs. This one may be wooden, though some were thick steel plate.
Traffic Island. Warns of a non-trafficable 'island' on the road, either raised or painted.

These signs are now obsolete and shall gradually be replaced by another reading only "Island".

Stratford, Vic.

Slow Point. Warning of a road treatment designed to slow traffic. Usually this involves narrowing the road for a short distance and often a small reverse curve.

Those who seem to delight in installing them call them traffic calming devices. But they are far from calming if you need to drive through a lot of them. Ask anyone from the emergency services.

Albert Park, VIc.

Slow Down. I haven't seen too many of these around. Not as a warning sign anyway.

Dargo, Vic.
Steep Descent. Diagrammatic version of the Steep Decsent sign. This particular descent also turns to loose gravel just over the crest and also has a tight left bend just near the second power pole. Also a cliff to go over if you miss the bend. It's not one you'd want to take too quickly.

Bairnsdale, Vic.

Stock Droving. Not a sign one sees often in Victoria. This one is near the Bairnsdale sale yards. Although facing traffic heading away from the yards.
Gravel Road 11km and 11km Winding Road. A pair of signs that seems to indicate a slight change of conditions.  Both distances have been changed. The lower sign from 14km, probably the same for the upper sign too.

Stradbroke West, Vic.

A selection of Ducks Crossing signs. More to be added.
L to R: Eagle Point; Eagle Point (folding signs fitted as fixed); Nilma; Albert Park, with a scene taken just past the sign - but with swans crossing.
Between the Ducks Crossing sign at Albert Park (above) and the swans on the road is this unusual combination of a left turn sign and advisory speed plate with a pedestrian sign.
Causeway. Another rarely seen sign these days. Quite why one needs a warning about a causeway I am not really sure. Probably why they are no longer used.

Meerlieu, Vic.

Trucks Crossing. Early version of a Trucks Crossing sign. Trucks Entering is probably more common.

Bruthen, Vic.

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