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Some examples of older signs (and some modern replacements).

This 1950s Country Roads Board (CRB) sign was still in use until 2003. Shortly after I photographed it, I found it had been replaced. Fortunately a plea to the local shire was able to save the sign (although not the post) and it now resides in my own collection.
Note that, despite its age, the reflective material still works well (flash photo second from right). The photo below centre shows the CRB information panel on the rear of the sign.

The Heart, Vic.

When the old Gravel Surface sign (above) was removed, it was replaced with a Gravel Road sign under the nearby curve sign. This was also unsatisfactory as the curve is actually a sharp left-hand bend...
...and so the curve sign was replaced with a new sign showing the main road turned left and the minor road went straight ahead.

The Heart, Vic.

ONE LANE BRIDGE. Hand re-painted sign on the Licola road.
Rear of the same sign.
Wooden warning sign. ANIMALS NEXT 15km.

Wilsons Promontory, Vic.

Wooden warning sign. ANIMALS NEXT 25km.

Wilsons Promontory, Vic.

Another wooden warning sign. This one was found along the former Midland Hwy, Livingston, Vic.
45km WINDING ROAD. A mould covered sign on the old Midland Hwy, Gippsland.
This somewhat crazed 2km WINDING ROAD sign was found along a back road. Since replaced.

Myrtlebank, Vic.

NARROW BRIDGE sign on wooden post still in use, 2004.

Fernbank, Vic.

Old curve sign on wooden post. 2004.

Stockdale, Vic.

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