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DIVIDED ROAD. Older text version of the sign. Now superceded by the symbolic version. Like many obsolete signs, it is a disappearing sight.

Wilson's Promontory, Vic.

Divided Road - Start. The current ' tuning fork' symbol for a divided road. The START plate is no longer a standard sign, so even these are beginning to disappear gradually.

Stratford, Vic.

END DIVIDED ROAD. Now obsolete. This is the text version of the sign. Now replaced by the symbolic version below.

Wilson's Promontory, Vic.

Divided Road - END. The current sign for end of divided road. The END plate however, is no longer a standard sign. So these too are beginning to disappear.
ONE LANE BRIDGE. Obsolete text sign. This one was one of several along this road that had actually been repainted at some time. Apparently the paint was colour matched to the already very faded sign. The others were hand-lettered. This one at least used the original lettering to repaint. Licola area. Vic.
Narrow bridge - ONE LANE. Current version of the above sign.

Licola area, Vic.

ROAD NARROWS. Another obsolete sign that is gradually disappearing from the roadsides.

Meerlieu, Vic.

Road Narrows. Current diagram form of the road narrows sign.

Meerlieu, Vic.

SPEED TRAPS AHEAD. Still found around sports grounds, caravan parks, schools, reserves etc. This one is at Stratford, Vic.

SPEED HUMPS AHEAD. Alternatively worded version, Heyfield, Vic.

HUMP. 20km/h. Another older sign used for speed humps. Lake Glenmaggie, Vic.

Speed Hump. Current standard hump symbol sign. Albert Park, Vic.

FALLING ROCKS. Womerah - Macks Creek area. Tarra Valley, Vic.

BEWARE FALLING ROCKS. Variation on the above. Same area.

Falling Rocks. Pictorial version of the above signs.

Glenmaggie - Licola area. Vic.

CAUTION ELDERLY PERSONS CROSS HERE. I took this photo in Sale after driving past the sign for years. About 2 weeks later it was replaced with the stylised pedestrian sign with AGED plate.
ROAD JUNCTION. A sign not often seen now. Usually represented by a symbolic intersection sign.

Digger's Rest, Vic.

HIGHWAY AHEAD. Another relatively unusual text sign for an intersection.

Munro, Vic.

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