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This page shows some of the many curve and intersection signs that have been made for a specific location, and therefore appear unusual.
Some are standard signs slightly modified. Others are totally non-standard. A few are actually quite bizarre.
Their use is not recommended as they are not standard signs. So it is possible that such signs will eventually disappear from our roads.

Bent Cross road. The sign on the left was for a staggered intersection at a highway where the road was at an angle. You almost need to turn right, then left rather than go straight across.  The sign on the right is the replacement for the same intersection. It is probably less accurate than the first sign.
The VicRoads Traffic Engineering Manual on road signs says only standard signs should be used and drivers should not expect the intersections to be accurately portrayed on signs. Quite why not I am not sure.

Stratford, Vic.

Reverse curve with side roads. These 2 signs refer to the same location, but from opposite directions. It might show why these custom signs are not recommended as obviously at least one of these signs must be inaccurate. In fact they both are.
That on the left is adapted from a standard reverse curve sign. The other appears to have a reverse curve arrow tilted to the left.

Drouin, Vic.

Custom curves and intersections. These signs are near the previous two. That on the right is one of the side roads in the signs above.

Drouin, Vic.

Left: Let's put a road here. And another one here. A couple of minor roads intersecting on a sharp right hand turn. Eagle Point, Vic.

Right: Old wooden warning sign. This early wooden sign shows that the concept of modifying signs for special uses has been around a while. Livingston, Vic.  (former Midland Hwy - Gippsland)

Drooping cross road. These signs are at the same intersection. The main road sign on the left, side road on the right. Interesting to note that they are not the same turned 90 degrees, but a different design.

Meerlieu, Vic.

Double arrows. This is an unusual use of a sign with two arrowheads. The advisory speed is for the curved route. Probably better to go slower for the straight route. The second sign is from the straight route itself. Interestingly, neither sign shows the road linking the other two to form a triangular junction. The sign on the other leg of the intersection ignores it as well.

Drouin, Vic.

Odd winding road sign. This is a variation on the standard "wiggly arrow" sign. The arrowhead is pointing at a 45 degree angle rather than straight up. But yes, they are actually a reasonably accurate portrayal of the curves between the signs.

Stratford, Vic.
Replaced with standard signs by October 2004.

Non-standard cross roads.

Left: Yinnar, Vic.

Right: Traralgon, Vic.

Weird intersection signs. These two are rather unusual.

Left: Looks like a bow with a very short arrow. Harkaway, Vic.

Right: Reminiscent of an image from of a book on reproduction. Hazel Park, Vic.

Slightly non-standard signs. These signs are close to being standard signs, but sufficiently different to avoid being so.

Left: Cross road with minor road ahead. Stratford, Vic.
Middle: Side road junction with concealed driveway on left. Portsea, Vic.
Right: Combination of standard symbols. Sarsfield, Vic.

Left: Staggered T junction. Trafalgar, Vic.

Right: Despite appearances, this is really just a cross road with roads at different angles. The main road turns to the left.  Cowwarr, Vic.

T junction on a turn. These signs both refer to the same intersection in Warragul, Vic.
Note the unusual feature on the first sign of the road emerging from the sign border.
Dead Cactus Ahead? An unusual representation of an intersection with a curve through it. Not as severe as suggested by the signs though. The straight side road had ordinary cross road signs.

Nambrok, Vic.

More non-standard junction signs.

Left: Y junction entering a curve on a busier road. The use of such a thick line is unusual, thought not unique. Tyers, Vic.

Right: And to prove that, here's another with a very thick line. Stratford, Vic.

The bizarre.

Top left: Looking a little more complex than it is. Tinamba, Vic.
Since replaced after realignment of the intersection.

Bottom left: Two minor roads intersecting at a main road on a curve. Bushy Park, Vic.

Right: The most bizarre intersection sign I've yet to find. Stratford, Vic.

This pair of signs (photographed at night) show an interestingly customised sign for a particular location. The particularly odd part though is that there are actually five roads converging at the intersection. Three main roads, a minor sealed road and a minor gravel road. Interestingly, the thinner line on the signs refers to the gravel road.

Winnindoo, Vic.

A couple of signs on one of the other major roads approaching the 5-way intersection at Winnindoo. This one is a bit better in showing 4 of the 5 roads, but despite the sign showing a left-hand bend before the main road, it actually curves to the right. Moot point now as the intersection today is a roundabout.
Left: Another oddity. Yes, both roads shown do join up in reality. Just not on the sign. Darnum, Vic.

Right: Two roads on the left and a driveway on the right. Location forgotten. Somewhere in the vicinity of Bairnsdale though. :)

Left: Another location I've forgotten (photo taken 2006 and put here 2011 - I can't remember everything. :)

Right: This is another of those signs where someone has gone to some effort to make it - yet it is still not correct. Note that the road curves to the left, but not on the sign. Lindenow Vic.

Left: Side road on a dogs leg corner. Trafalgar, Vic.

Right: An oddly shaped intersection due to a former railway crossing in the middle. Trentham, Vic.

Two unusual signs at Orbost. The one on the right is a warning sign doubling as a guide sign.

Page added 13/12/03
Page updated 31/05/2011

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