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1 M WINDING ROAD. Here's a pre-metric sign that survived long after it should've. The road it stood beside was a former railway, but a deviation around a trestle bridge site meant the sign was required.
I happened to notice it on a rare day that I didn't have a camera with me (I'd been past it a few times before but hadn't noticed that it was in Miles.. Went back a day or so later and a branch had fallen on it, denting the top slightly.

Athlone, Vic.

35 km WINDING ROAD. Looking even older that the 1 Mile sign is this one near Briagolong. Oddly enough there are a pair of 32km WINDING ROAD signs placed near this sign. I've not driven the whole road to know which sign is correct.
1km WINDING ROAD - before and after. Another comparison of signs at the same location. It seems odd to have such sign in a flat area like this, but for one reason or another, the road has 4 sharp 90 degree turns here. The first one is to the right.
Bushy Park, Vic.
Concealed intersection 200m. In some locations, an intersecting road is difficult to see. This can result in missing the intersection, or the risk of collision with traffic entering from the side road that you may not see in time.
The Concealed 200m plate here was damaged after this photo was taken and remained so for a year.
Click here to see what replaced it.

Stratford, Vic.

Concealed intersection. Another kind of CONCEALED plate added to a side road junction sign. There isn't actually a side road here. It is a driveway. Use of this sign is somewhat misleading, but it is very common.

Stratford, Vic.

Concealed 100m. Use of two plates rather than one. Both for the same driveway. Note use of different size plates.

Maffra, Vic.


Concealed Access. This is a better way to warn of driveways. Apologies for the poor quality of these photos. There was no safe place to stop, so I resorted to flash photos through the windscreen, as it was dusk.

CONCEALED ROAD. Another style of sign.

Arthur's Seat, Vic.


CONCEALED INTERSECTION. Here's an unusual sign with both symbol and words on the one piece.

Warragul, Vic.

OBSCURED. Yet another way of warning of a concealed road.

Portsea, Vic.

TWO WAY. Reminds that the road is for two way traffic. Usually after a divided road ends.
Left: Older version of the sign with thin arrows. Traralgon, Vic.
Centre: Current version with thicker arrows. Note different font on TWO WAY plate. Stratford, Vic.
Right: Larger version with the arrows not placed on the level with each other. Traralgon, Vic.

The TWO WAY plate is no longer a standard sign and therefore shall gradually disappear.

Two way, 4 lanes. These signs sometimes appear where there are overtaking lanes in both directions or where a divided road ends, but there are still 4 lanes. Note the different styles of arrows.

Left: Sale; Centre: Traralgon; Right: Kilmany.

Left: SCHOOL CROSSING AHEAD. Faded example of a sign commonly seen near schools. Signs associated with school children are usually a fluorescent orange or pink. This is to catch the attention of drivers as children can be unpredictable on the road. The only problem with this colour is that it fades in a relatively short time.

Right: SCHOOL CROSSING AHEAD. A newer and brighter example of the species at the same crossing in Stratford, Vic.

School Children pictogram. The symbolic version of the School Crossing signs. A yellow version also exists that is intended for non-school uses. Parks for example. Not that the two colours don't get mixed up and put in the wrong places. Stratford, Vic.
SCHOOL CHILDREN. Older text sign.

Tamworth, NSW.
Photo: Paul Rands.

SCHOOL. Faded sign with only the word SCHOOL. Rather rare today.

Albert Park, Vic.

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