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NO ENTRY. Here is an example of the current style of No Entry sign. Appears to be based on the US design, which looks similar, but worded DO NOT ENTER.
The road here has since closed, making entry impossible. The sign remains however.

Bairnsdale, Vic.

NO ENTRY. Example of the previous style of No Entry sign. Now obsolete, but still legal as they are probably still more common . This intermediate sign shows the international No Entry symbol supplemented by words.

Bairnsdale, Vic.   (colour affected by bushfire smoke haze).

DO NOT ENTER. Prior to use of the above sign, the message was conveyed by these signs which appear to have been used from the 1960's. Rarely seen today, the odd example can still be found. Until 2002, this one was at Drouin, Vic.
NO U TURN. Intermediate era sign with symbol and words.

Sale, Vic.

No right turn. Current standards use this no right (or left) turn symbol.

Hallam, VIc.

NO RIGHT TURN. Hybrid sign with symbol and words. Still in everyday use, but superseded by the above sign.

Traralgon, Vic.

NO LEFT TURN. Older text only sign. These are rarely seen today, but examples are still standing for the eagle-eyed signspotter to find.

Newborough, Vic.

NO RIGHT TURN. Another older sign, this time a smaller size example.

Tamworth, NSW.

Photo: Paul Rands.

Right (left) turn ONLY. Used where traffic must turn in one direction only, such as entering a one-way road or carriageway.

Longwarry, Vic.

ALL TRAFFIC turn right (left). This sign has been superceded by the one above.

Bairnsdale, Vic.

ONE WAY. For many years there have been 2 varieties of One Way sign. The white background vertical format sign here has now become the standard in Victoria, although it used to be the less common kind.

Maffra, Vic.

ONE WAY. Entrance to a one-way road.
ONE WAY. The black background horizontal sign was the more common style in Victoria. And personally, my favourite. But VicRoads have decreed that it is no longer to be installed in this state.

Longwarry, Vic.

TWO WAY TRAFFIC. Current style of sign allowing two-way traffic where it may not be obvious that two-way traffic is allowed, such as a service road, or as in this case, a former one-way carriageway of a freeway has been returned to two-way traffic after a new freeway alignment was brought into use.

Nar Nar Goon, Vic.

TWO WAY.  Used to legalise two way traffic on roads where it may not be expected 2-way traffic would operate, such as a service road parallel to a main road.

This kind of sign has been superceded by one the same shape and colour, but with arrows only.

Rosedale, Vic.


TWO WAY TRAFFIC. Text only version of the above sign.

Maffra, Vic.


GROSS LOAD LIMIT 2t.  Indicates the maximum gross weight of vehicles than may travel on the road beyond the sign.

Sale, Vic.

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