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Site last added to on 23/08/2011.

This page is for regular visitors, who can now easily find new additions to the site.
Please note that in some cases you may need to use the refresh / reload feature on your browser to see additions on a page.


bullet23rd August 2011. Added photos of my AWA / Plessey signal restoration Darren's Collection.
bullet3rd August 2011. Added photos of the vintage signals in Arden St, Nth Melbourne. Traffic Signals
bullet18th July 2011. Changes to About Me page, plus added images to Regulatory 2, Regulatory 3. Also replaced the Glenorchy Tas photo with a higher resolution version on Traffic Signals. Presently thinking about how to go about a complete revamp of the road signs section. Will probably scrap the existing pages and begin again with new categories, and possibly also separating signs into eras as has been done to the traffic signals.
bullet14th June 2011. Some additional photos at Traffic Signals 3, Traffic Signals 4 and Traffic Signals 5 and removal of some links on the home page.
bullet31st May 2011. Minor updates and additions to Traffic Signals, Traffic Signals 4 and Freeway Signs.
bullet22nd May 2011. Updated the Diversions (links) page as some sites have since disappeared or moved to new locations. I have also added some new links.
Also added new photos to Darren's Collection.
bullet10 - 20th May 2011. After a very long period of inaction on this site, I am finally working on it again. Much work to be done and I figure a little bit at a time will eventually make a difference.
First update is the Traffic Signals pages which have been sorted into different eras per page. Caption info yet to be filled in for some new photos.



bullet22nd / 23rd November 2009. Added another photo (Montrose ped crossing with yellow Eagle signals on red/white poles) to match the model photo. Also added some road sign manufacturer links. Added 2 red Give Way signs and a Give way to Right sign on Regulatory 1
bullet21st November 2009. Yep! I'm back. Sorry for the lack of updates to this site for over two years. Due to password problems, I had not been able to access the site in all this time. Regular updates from now on.
Added model pedestrian crossing photo to home page to make it obvious something has happened. :)
bullet18th June 2007. Added YouTube videos to Darren's Collection, Traffic Signals 3 & Traffic Signals and Signs of Taiwan
bullet6-7th April 2007. Some new photos added to existing pages. Vintage pedestrian crossing sign on Traffic Signals 3, and some updated photos in Darren's Collection.

3rd April 2007. Minor addition of some derestriction speed signs on Regulatory 3

bullet13th March 2007. Sorry, still nothing new. But it will happen.
bullet18th June 2006. Added even more photos to Darren's Collection. What must you be thinking?  :)

9th May 2006. Added yet more photos to Darren's Collection.


8th May 2006. Added more photos to Darren's Collection.


6th May 2006. Replaced old photos of Warrigal Road and Batesford Rd traffic lights with better quality photos of the same vintage signals on Traffic Signals 4. New traffic signals page/s in preparation.


5th March 2006. Finally got around to adding Freeway Signs 3.


22nd February 2006. Added LED speed limit sign to Regulatory 3 as a test to having some of this site's content hosted by Mr Expressway,  Paul Rands


9th January 2006. Added some photos to Errors and Oddities 6.

bullet8th January 2006.  Added Signals of Taiwan 4 and 5.

8th July 2005. Added a photo to Darren's Collection.


10th May 2005. Added 2 photos of a somewhat fictitious school zone speed limit sign to Regulatory 3.


15th April 2005. Added Freeway Signs 2 and made some changes to the navigation of road signs catagories.


5th March 2005. Added a derestriction sign to Regulatory 3


6th February 2005. Added speed limit signs page at Regulatory 3 and filled the gaps created on Regulatory Signs.

bullet30th January 2005. More  Freeway Signs as well as a few additions to Errors and Oddities 6.
bullet22nd January 2005. Made a start on the Freeway Signs page at last.

19th January 2005. Some photos added to Traffic Signals 4 and Errors and Oddities 6.


9th January 2005. Information Signs 5 and 6 were added as well as minor changes to various other pages.

bullet19th December 2004. Added an extra photo of the Marshalite signal at the Melbourne Museum on the first Traffic Signals page and also added Traffic Signals 4.

19th November 2004. Added 3 pages on Traffic Signals and Signs of Taiwan.


13th November 2004. Added more photos to Traffic Signals 3 as well as minor alterations, updates and corrections on several pages throughout the site.


31st October 2004. Added Railway Crossings 4, Errors and Oddities 6 and Warning Signs 5 as well as minor edits throughout the site.

bullet29th July 2004. Added some photos to both Custom Signs and Errors and Oddities 5
bullet13th May 2004. Added 3 more photos on Errors and Oddities 5
bullet25th April 2004. Added another photo to Errors and Oddities 4 and added the Errors and Oddities 5 page.
bullet18th April 2004. Added Information Signs 4 and Darren's Collection pages. Also added photos to Errors and Oddities 4.
bullet23rd March 2004. Added Traffic Signals 3 and also updated and added to Traffic Signals 1 & 2.
bullet21st March 2004. Added the forth Errors and Oddities page as well as one picture in Roadworks.
bullet22nd January 2004. Added another Errors and Oddities page. Also another Warning Signs page was added later the same day.
bullet1st January 2004. Added Traffic Schools and Railway Crossing Advance Warning signs.
bullet19th December 2003.  This page.   Also Errors and Oddities 2 and some updates to the Diversions page.
bulletPrior to this date, the site had 2 Regulatory sign pages, 3 Information Sign pages, 2 Warning signs pages as well as 1 Custom Warning Signs page.
There were 2 Traffic Signals pages, 2 Railway Crossings pages, 1 Roadworks signs page and 1 Errors and Oddities page.